We have all seen movies where they have a do-over to either find out who killed the star of the movie either on their wedding day (I DO I DO I DO) or prevent the star from dying (HAPPY DEATH DAY, RUSSIAN DOLL, BEFORE I FALL). But, what if you could try out all your possibilities for the outcome of events on your special day.

Alternate versions of the same wedding unfold as Jack tries to make sure his little sister Hayley has the perfect wedding day. Hayley’s to be husband Roberto is oblivious of the fact that Marc her ex he knows nothing about invited himself to ruin their big day.

Jack tries to make his sister’s wedding the best while avoiding his ex Amada who hated him but is always everywhere he is and trying to cosy up to Dina who is Hayley’s friend and a war correspondent he met in Rome 3 years earlier.

Love Wedding Repeat is a romantic comedy that is infused with a tiny bit of tragedy and a lot more. It was a bit confusing at a point but if you knew what you were getting into, i.e eight different ways a day could turn out if eight different people took what was meant for one person in particular, you might not be so disappointed.

I really don’t know what to say but in the end, Jack was able to give his sister the perfect wedding and get to be with the girl of his dreams. 

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