I lay awake all night, with nothing to do. After trying to sleep so hard and nothing happened, I turned to Netflix and there it was, THE MAIN EVENT.

It is nothing like the movie the main event released in 1979. The storyline is totally different, the only similarities being they are both stories about fights in the ring.

Those who believe in magic and those who love wrestling would love the movie. A little boy who loves the WWE stumbles on a mask that changes his life entirely. The mask, which is very stinky by the way, gives him strength, speed, confidence, basically powers he never possessed.

Leo, an 11 year old boy, dreamed everyday of fighting in the WWE and fights his way to win the NXT title as Kid Chaos with the help of the magical mask and his family and friends. Funny thing is he wins without the help of the mask but by believing in himself, words his father and grandmother told him. He also gives his slot in the WWE to his new friend, Smooth Operator warning him to watch his back because he is joining in 10 years. His grandmother’s character is one I could predict but I still loved her character.

The main event ended as the main event before the major event at school. Leo the nerd who got bullied became a star and a hero.


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